Responsible Gaming

Game exclusion


Permanent self-exclusion
A voluntary exclusion can be made by players autonomously and at any time from the “Responsible gaming” section of their game account and is effective immediately. To go to the designated page, click here or use the designated request form, fill it out and send it back to us at [email protected].

Once the request has been made, the user will receive an e-mail to confirm the successful self-exclusion and to explain them how to retrieve their balance if need be. 

Forced permanent exclusion
A gambling exclusion may be imposed by the online casino, which is obliged by law to issue a gambling ban if, based on its own proofs or on third-parties information, the player is suspected, or allegedly suspected, to be insolvent, to not respect their financial obligations or if they wager in a disproportionate manner in relation to their income and their holdings. The exclusion will be also forced in case of an explicit request by a specialised service or a social services authority.

Gambling exclusions are valid throughout the whole Swiss territory, for all games offered by gambling houses with a concession for land-based and online casinos, as well as other online game offers such as lotteries, sports wagering, online ability games and other international-range money games selected by the inter-canton authorities (Art. 80 of the Swiss Gambling Act). Game exclusions are also applied to the participation in the online Swiss Lotto and other game offers by Swisslos and La Loterie Romande.

Lifting of gambling exclusions
A gambling exclusion is lifted upon request from the person in question if the reason that determined it does not exist anymore.

In accordance with art. 84 OGD cpv. 1 - art. 81 BGS, the lifting of the voluntary gambling exclusion can only be requested once the minimum period set at the time of the exclusion (3 months) has passed. The request shall be made by sending the voluntary gambling exclusion lifting request form to the e-mail address [email protected], whereas for the lifting of the forced gambling exclusion no time limit is in force.